"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

04. "Aah, you want me naked"

High summer 2009. Sure to be a blash season for Bastiaan, TONS of runways, ads, and editorials. Just before he made it, High Spring, he was featured in a, to me very forwarding, extraordinary photoshoots.

(hmm, I can see you slags drooling XD -HW)

I would do it in "what the maagzines did"order.
Please click picture to enlarge for your "high definition" enjoyment.

VMAN - ±13 Spring 2009 - Vision Quest

VMAN ±13 - Spring 2009 - True To Form

(*nosebleed* - HW)

That just made me think what got him those slots for Fashion week back at June? hmmm