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Genre: Art-Rock?

Hmmmm, was browsing Wikipedia about Dior Homme, then suddenly came across a band - "These New Puritans", which recorded a track with helps of Hedi for his Dior Homme show back in 2007.
Usually known as "TNPS" (:S - HW) the magazine Artrocker has describe them as sounding like "Sheffield and Berlin synths, '90s alternative rock Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo drones; Underworld beats, and all in the most contemporary of contexts"
VERU unusual for a band to describe like so, also the band often incorporate the same section of music into different songs.

ANYWHOS, back to topic, yea, so I was browsing and came across, then visited their mySpace, but since they are promoting their new album "Hidden" which due to release at 18th January... eerrmm... I mean released at 18th January, therefore they only have 1 song, which also release as single, on there.

I did watched it through several times, looks very PRO, and those mini-films with no voices.
hmmm... I will let you decide yea. and I find their banner quite... like Stephen on CBB now.