"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

07. Pre-00s McQueens.

I would like to correct that Alexander McQueen applied to Central St. Martins at 1992, and graduated at 1994, and also started his own label during the same month.
Attracting controversy seems like a characteristic of Alexander McQueen right from the beginning. From famously being a "loose-mouth" when it comes to PR and insults stars such as Madonna, Posh and as said previously Prince Charles, to never-seen before tailoring and forwarding mind.
With "bumster" jeans launched right when the label starts, sure thing "Alexander McQueen" the brand will be the one who go down on history.
1995, Snapped from London Fashion Week.

1996, Givenchy appointed him as head designer for the house, replacing John Galliano. French doubt he will fail to continue Givenchy characteristic, what a match with Alexander himself insulting the founder by calling him "irrelevant", which shows in his first couture collection; even himself said it was crap in October 1997 issue of Vogue. Within his collection, he produce another sophisticated dresses with roses.
Alexander McQueen

1997, was a peace year other than few interviews from popular magazine, but one of his shows showed in London Fashion Week voted as one of the wackiest outfits ever.
1998's shows dating back to the 17th century with Marie-Antoinette Design.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

1999. If you been search Youtube, you should know. The Weird Science of Alexander McQueen.

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