"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

02. The History behind "bb777"

Day 2 of Slut Week. We tracked down the world-famous and generation-changing blogger RyanBoy* (Name changed and will refer as Boy below) his ways of becoming famous and found not just one but two highly profitable boyfriend. Slut will do whatever she/he/it can to get whatever she/he/it wants, remember, sex, nelly bottom (dunno what that means? Google it).

I can't do it personally, I would like to earn my place not slide in.
(Please remember the following are found scatter on internet with tiny amount of evident, and always in fashion, there're always the dark side. Believe or jokey, upto you)

Scenario start, back to the beginning, where fashion are still for the premiums.
For a blogger to start, he had to position himself in the net, and he shopped until his friends dropped him. The boy doesn't carry tons of cash, & uses credit cards (CC) that aren't his.
He manages to use numerous CCs under various names and has even blackmailed to pay for his first trip to Australian Fashion Week (AFW) as organisers aren't willing to fork out to go, which he requested £5000, includes hotel + travel, for his presence only.

He is a member of creditboards.com, a web for peeps with bad credit, those want to acquire credit without a job. He's active on its forum (account: bb777)
He anonymously started a local gossip site called "chikatime.com", got caught and had to close down due to insults and lawsuits hurled at him. He was removed from Philippine edition of Project Runway (ProjectR) before the first season was over.

His family lives in one of the poorest outskirts of Manila, he lives in a shack made siding, while they can't afford food, they have LOTS of handbags.

Then, circa 2003, he set up an online travel agency which been delisted by IATA, he did single trips to NY (where he stayed with a Marc Jacobs staffer with a criminal record), China, France, Russia.

A style spy said after taping ProjectR, he invited a designer + 2 models to upmarket diners, he stuck them with a bill close to USD$1000. When he was starting little known, Philippine's biggest paper flew him to HK, they put up in a boutique hotel while he went on a MAJOR shopping sprees.

He was a clear card book full of credit cards from various institutions issued under different names, and it was all US State-run banks.

He started at AFW, his business class was paid by another blogger who was blackmailed too.
In between the FWs, the tricks "I forgot my wallet, can you lend me 20?" and those and he still got around.

Then you shall wonder how he travelled as much "Credit cards only get you so far, that's why he has card albums!!" He claims! "you can only use stolen cards once or twice"!!

Since then, he does all those PR tactics. Brand pays and by PR if they guaranteed exposure. while also PR pays the flight, he could still use his "Club Member" card to earn miles which gets him free flight!

NOW:- tracked down.
CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS filed a case against FRANCIS BRYAN YAMBAO & a JASON ROBERT MCGINNIS for making fraudulent online orders of plane tickets using fraudulently credit cards.

to the Marc Jacobs bag, remember the US single trips? he stayed with a MJ staff who has criminal record turned out to be PR for MJ, so asked MJ to named a bag after the Boy.

While his nearest two boyfriends were short, each are leaders in their own field. The first one, which is a swedish banker, 48... now shall wonder the 20 years with fraudulent records, with a 48 years who works as a banker... HMMMMMM!!!! then since December 2010, he's with Robert, whose a famous model and have kept having pictures taken while Robert having increase of modelling work after this move.