"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

Today, an internal North Korean film about Western Propaganda has leaked into the worldwide web, causing lots of discussions. The film itself lasts 1 hour 40 minutes, which originally targeted to the citizens within North Korea, mentioning and discussing about western's capitalism, imperialism, mass manipulation of culture for purpose of com-modification, and how it permeates every aspects of our lives to be blissfully ignorant, borderline zombie masses. It is scarily accurate, and couldn't have came on time for our Black Summer series here at WestFASHION Your Life.

It's all about tactics: 1. to Distract; 2. to Misinform; 3. to Anaesthetise the brain.
With: the fear of religion, the 1% of population, desire to be, attitude of "achieve without achieving".

Also, the documentary contains very disturbing imagery (Slavery, documentaries) , and extreme violence (killing, suicides), so please do prepare yourself.

Before you start, I personally would like you to switch this mindset of, this film was made in a backward nation, with human rights issues raised by Amnesty International recently, and threats of nuclear war between the peninsular; therefore think about the advance in their society thoughts upon ours.

I have picked the best controversial part within the film for your attention, and to your will, if you would like to see the full documentary film, with sections about Fears and Illusions/ Religion /  Ideas / Bewares of 1% / Rewriting History /  Cover-ups and Omissions / Complicity / Censorship / TV / Advertising / International Diplomacy / Terrorism / The End, click HERE.