"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

06. The Level of Parody.

You saw few remakes of Bad Romance yesterday. Since the popularity of Parody came like a storm on Youtube, people started classifying difference levels of Parody.

Level 1 - Clear Jokes / Pint-size
This level's videos usually just taking the songs idea or concept behind or the singer themselves to recreate a song but with different meaning also lyrics. But its clearly related to original singer.
Pint-size means a parody less than 2 minutes, usually stops after the chorus.

Level 2 - Oppo
Oppo, short for opposite, usually describe the parodies ended up to be the opposite purpose of the original video. I have posted few good examples yesterday, so go lookiee

Level 3 - Swear Sex
The swearing with sexual intention, claims to be the highest level in parodies. HW- but to be honest, they not really as offensive as I would think and I'm sure some of my own friends do like that or do it anyway. so. mehhh

If you were on facebook, thats the song where I got the lyrics from. :D