"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

Late 2000's

Before anything, HAPPY 2010, peeps :) I wish you all have a better year or get rich or get laid or back single or get fashionable as always ;) WestFASHION Will be here for you, no matters (LOL - HW)

1. Hedi Slimane
You cant deny he have to be the most influential in menswear designer in the late 2000s.
He started as creative designer of Dior Monsieur of Christian Dior, then 2002 created the line and world of Dior Homme.
Shows were not as outstanding and causing controversy then the SS04, when indie rock scene and the slim/skinny silhouette explode and copied into the high street and still remains nowadays.
Here's a collection of Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane campaigns from 2002 - 2007.

2. The Sophisticated Urban Look
I personally think this trends followed Hedi's explosion of suits and back to the basics - Black/White. The look featured pinstriped dress shirts, black dress pants, and black dress shoes, but there are some versions. But in sum up, the popularity of Black / Grey suiting became very popular, and also its an essentials these days for OG (Office Gentleman).
You can see a lot of designers trying their best to come up with something unique about their tailoring but neither one of them can be as affective as Hedi.

3. Leggings
Leggings came round about 2005, but it was still a minor item until American Apparel introduce them. Nowadays, its available in almost any colours you can think of.
Recently, leggings for men (also named Legging Jeans) are getting popular, please refer to our sister blog - theStyle Kind for info.

4. Ladies Footwear
There are few dramatic changes of trend in the late 2000s. With stiletto-heeled shoes with extreme pointed toes, also boots, became the dominant trend in 2005. Yet its replaced by ballet flats in 2007. and in 2009, designers brought back those with high heel coupled with platform sole, which last seen in the end of 1990s.
The newer platform sole is often referred to as "concealed" when its covered with the same piece of material as the upper, which got popularised by Vivienne Westwood.

5. Alternative "Grown Man" Look
The throwback jersey and bagging pants got replaced by blazers with chinos which was popularized by Kanye West round about 2005.

6. Form-Fitting
Sagging, which usually denim style for rappers and the fashionable one of both 1990s and the early 00's, yet it lost its appeal round about 2007, as the expensive, close-fitting rose in popularity, in particularly men.
Baggy / Loose styles gave way to bootcut and flare which popularised by Diesel, Rock & republic, True Religion etc.
but in more recent, Skinny-fit lowrise jeans became more popular due the influence of alternative subcultures, but also hip-hugging, denim mini-skirts are also worn.

7. Designer Glasses
Geek Chic with the Ray Ban Wayfarers, Glam with the Aviators

8. Diffuse Elements
Following are mini-trend, its not popular but seen worn by dozens or maybe popular but not counted as main / mainstream trends

- Camouflage patterns, bandanas or shemaghs are frequently worn as scarves by young people in winter. Recently it reached hip-hop subcultures.
- Crocs were a brief fad in the summer 06.
- "Lads From 2000" look consisted of wearing Argyle socks over tracksuit bottoms. (WTF!!!!)
- V-neck came about in 2008.
- Cardigan-Sweaters became popular within the urban in 2009, by rapper Drake.

Fashion in lates was reminiscent of both 1980s and 1990s, yet some fusion of the New Romantic in the 80s and 90s Grunge fashion. Converse, Vans, along with neon flannel and skinnies, defined the lates 2000s in both genders.

SO that was the 2000's!! so what would happens in 2010's? WHO KNOWS!

but I'm guessing will be something with the Victorian. I dunno :S
Keep it WestFASHION =D xx