"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

02. Who is Lee Alexander McQueen?

Here at the WestFASHION tower, the news does came by surprise when we found out yesterday, Lee Alexander McQueen have committed suicide (unconfirmed). Just few weeks away from showing his AW10 Womenswear collection, also few weeks after showing his AW10 Menswear collection which got criticised for lack of innovative elements, also with few depressing twit on his twitter...
We feel its our job to continue his legacy and his contribution to the industry for a decade and a quarter.
So heres a 8-part series focus on him, will be for him, about him, with him.

WestFASHION Salute You, Lee Alexander McQueen for Alexander McQueen and McQ.

Part 3 - The Early life.