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13. Be unique this summer

I'm doing this blog on a Blackberry so forgive for any spelling mistakes or grammar or whatever.

So I was just reading The Standard, just saw this. ASOS saw 24% increased in sales due to the follow trends and its mostly generated from the ""fashion-savvy"" (& I do quote) 16 to 30 years old.
Trends for the ladies are:-
Colour-blocking skirts
Midi skirts

Trends for mens are:-
Wayfarers / Circle shades for the hippies
Coloured chinos (obv.)

& PLEASE, my lovely WestFASHIONers don't wear any above this summer. Read these trends and build it up.
Trends for ladies:-
Maxi dress
Off-white (All Saints White / Cream)
Casual Double Beasted jackets
Wayfarers (ladies)

Trends for mens:-
Royal blue for suit (short-sleeve shirt + shorts)
Heavy-treated light blue jeans
Loose white boxy tees
Off-brown with black.
Light Tweed
Chuck Club glasses

If you don't know any of them both, keep checking our twitter, I or my team will constant posting tips. @WestFASHION_

For now, Be the trendsetter not the follower.
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