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19. Truly BRIT.

I do apologise for not writing this blog earlier, as this happened last Thursday, which I got invited to the Burberry's first sub-line BRIT standalone store opening in Covent Garden.
Must say, compare to other Burberry stores you'll see round the globe, this BRIT store is certainly more relaxed and adventurous with its uses of colours and also it seems like Burberry is trying out a few techniques upon outfit suggestions (in wardrobe).
Lots of shops recently always state that shopping is an experience, but nevermore than a DJ or maybe a stage built for a night or two, but within this BRIT store, fitted with a stage, with a big LED screen as backdrop. Promising a lot more events in future for sure, as one of my favourite band at the moment also performed at the night - "Life In Film"
ALSO ALSO!!! the snacks served on the night, was yum as hell. Wish you'll were there ( lol - HW )

Thank you for inviting me!! :D
Here are some pictures I took, not exactly top quality must say.
If you're round London for a little shopping trip, make sure you check out the BRIT store. ( lol sounded mega cheesy but I'm being serious. - HW)

^ I WANT THAT COAT. but is it ladies? D: