"future would never comes if you don't end the past"

11. Prepare for the cold snap.

If you been in LDN or even anywhere on the northern hemisphere, you will notice that the weather have been changing drastically for the past two months or so. In fashion, as we always have to work about 2 months or so ahead of the current season, we would be talking about high summer about now, but Burberry took the step further and launched their AW11 campaigns few days ago. Alongside also their Pre-SS12 collection, which I (Harry) will post when Mens SS12 starts in about... eerrmm, actually Monday. 13th June. Paris.

Back to business. The campaigns features the most striking ones within the collection which they shown back in February. Alongwith shades of camel honey, mustard, this campaigns we can see the shades of red - from raspberry to primary red. One of the most striking one out of the whole campaigns would be the one with the shiny black suit (not available in images, see the video attached)
The Red Cape is HOT!!! reminds me of my beloved black cape which I had 2 years ago to London Fashion Week. Wooopp!!!
On the side of all those, Bootcut leg for ladies (I have a strong sense of feeling for those cuts - HW), and for the men... its all about tailoring (once again) but this time with various pattern, look closely, those 4 are all done up with different ways.

Here are the "Harry"'s pick from the campaigns and also the video which followed:-
(btw © Copyright Burberry/Testino w- So no copying, no transferring, no "oh hai, lets nap this!"... maybe the styling, I would love the suit + the camel coat!!)