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09 - Keane + Burberry + Beijing = Groundbreaking

Remember back in February, Burberry have set the record up and high with broadcasting their Prorsum runway show in London to over 70s of their stores across the globe and on the Piccadilly Circus screen, this time they are set to breaks more digital grounds with the launch of their new flagship store in Beijing (& oh lord, doesn't it look stunning? So when is the London one gonna get something like so?)
The event will be streamed online on Burberry.com, alongside to 50 stores across the globe. While the 3D broadcasting technology which used to broadcast the show to 5 different events, this time Burberry are set to use virtual image technology, combing with live models and life-like holograms, which I am looking forward seeing that. (I can never catch up with technology these days haha)
KEANE will be performing their first ever gig in the country (finally!! I been waiting for them to play in Hong Kong or round for wee too long) on the night, which I'm sure will be AMAZING.

while we all about 6000 miles away, will have to catch the event online or your nearest Burberry store. The live-stream will starts at 1330 (UKT) 2030 (CST) with the arrivals and the red carpets; the event will start round 15 minutes later, and Keane are set to perform round 1415 (UKT) 2115 (CST). Definitely catch that!

I will try to post a video of it straight after the event or some images too. but for now,